Data Dashboards

Government data reported through custom dashboards suited to fit the needs of municipalities and their constituents.

Local governments rely on data as the backbone of their operation.  Financial data is the key to budgeting and forecasting.  Other examples of government data are crime statistics, fire department responses, ambulance calls, or any metric your leaders wish to analyze.

POLITY is able to take any data and create a visualizing that is both appealing and informative to administrators and constituents.  With the technology allowing for any user to interact with a dashboard, the possibilities are endless.  Reporting on your information is key to transparency and building trust with the public.

The reliance on Excel spreadsheets and paper to report information is easily integrated into our proprietary dashboard system.  POLITY provides customization of any metric that assists in the analysis of your operation.  Our core list of measures will help determine your future as we assist in data modeling for any piece of information and present it in a way that is understandable.

We can take any government data in any form and transform the information into a story that is easily understandable.  Our systems are designed to work with any data source and either build a pipeline into your ERP system or take Excel spreadsheets that are uploaded to our secure file-sharing system.  We then take your data and perform the necessary cleansing and prepare to load into our dashboard reporting system.  Updates as frequently as daily, weekly, or monthly can easily be scheduled and automated to run within our system, providing your team and constituents with current

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