What is Land Development?

Land development is how local governments control construction, zoning, and the overall growth of their communities. Their guidelines for such are traditionally contained in a Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) created specifically for their municipality. In this legislation, information regarding a variety of technical specifications is conveyed to the governing body to preserve the health, safety, and beauty of residents and their area.

Land Development Project and Construction Workers

Many municipalities rely on outside agencies to provide the necessary expertise to create these ordinances. From engineers to lawyers to land development consultants, intricate knowledge is required to create and manage municipal regulations.

How Polity Contributes as Land Development Consultants

Polity is one such firm that can help your municipality through the process of updating your SALDO, creating a new zoning district, or updating planning regulations in your ordinances for the sake of your community. Our team of consultants has the knowledge and expertise to guide your administration and elected officials through the land development process step by step.

We have gone through an extensive number of zoning changes, SALDO updates, and edits to existing ordinances for our clients. An example of our work is outlined below:

  • Creating a transitional zoning district for a college
  • Creating a business and entertainment district for a downtown location
  • Updating zoning regulations for several neighborhoods to help spur development

Aiding municipalities requires planning and conducting meetings with elected officials and attorneys. Given our unique experience in local government, we can facilitate operations from conception to adoption in a manner that is convenient and accommodating to all involved.

Land Development Tools and Barricade

With Polity, our land development services are specifically geared for local government.  Thanks to over 30 years both in the private and public sector, we understand and can work with your desire to improve livability for residents. Updating subdivision and land development ordinances is cumbersome and requires a unique skillset, but our team of consultants provides exactly that. Once we establish the desires of your elected officials, we research the matter to gather data and relevant information to help your municipality achieve its goals.

Here is a sample list of tasks that we feel are appropriate to update a specific zoning code section in your ordinance:

  1. Meet with administrator, zoning officer, municipal engineer, and solicitor to understand scope of changes
  2. Obtain most recent ordinances to investigate the matter in greater detail
  3. Attend public hearing to present findings and solicit input from stakeholders
  4. Create draft documents that reflect the proposed plan and present to elected officials for review
  5. Conduct staff meetings to formally review the amended ordinances
  6. Formalize amendments and present final document for introduction to governing body

Note: this list is not exhaustive, just an informal example of the tasks Polity would complete to assist your municipality directly with any land development projects, or to provide technical expertise to facilitate a normally cumbersome process.

For more information or a free 15-minute consultation, please visit our contact page and we can schedule time to help you move your municipality forward.