What is Public Safety?

Public safety is the cornerstone of every municipality. Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Services are the foundation of keeping constituents safe and healthy. Residents have clear opinions about public safety, especially when they are impacted during their own time of need. Having the proper infrastructure in place allows your department available to respond in minutes, rather than hours.

Police Public Safety

How Polity Contributes as Public Safety Consultants

Polity understands the needs of your community and the importance public safety plays in protecting residents. With our team of experts, we can help you make critical decisions to maintain and improve your services, turning you into the pinnacle example of public safety.

Our firm relies heavily on data to help your organization make important decisions. From studies to ensure response times are adequate given the number of resources allocated, to staying on top of public safety news and developing a recruitment and retention plan, our team is available to solve any issue that elected officials face concerning the safety of their constituents.

Our public safety consultants are keenly aware of the role their department plays in the overall schema of local government. One cannot exist without the other, and their relationships are important to foster and cultivate. Developing and sustaining these partnerships requires strong local leadership from mayors, administrators, planners, and elected local officials.

Another role Polity plays between public safety agencies and local government officials is that of communicator. Open and honest communication, transparency, and a willingness to cooperate are keys to breaking down barriers that exist between departments and the local government. Our team can create presentations from data provided to help bridge gaps and increase trust between elected officials and the public safety office.

One of the most major obstacles in public safety is funding. Local elected officials and public safety workers may find themselves at odds over budgeting, arguing against one another rather than working together to ensure the community has the emergency services it requires. A major contributing factor in this conflict is a lack of transparency and insight into departmental data. The request for funding/assistance requires justification for the expenditures of the department.

Being unable to properly communicate the needs of their department, feeling intimidated by the prospect of appealing to local officials, or being worried by the prospect of sacrificing autonomy might result in a public safety office failing to reach out for the support it needs to serve your community. In these scenarios, no one benefits – not local officials, not the public safety building, and least of all the community both of you work to serve.

Polity has the solution to a lack of insight into the operating data of any department. By utilizing our Dashboards, we can easily report your data and help tell its story to elected officials to increase their level of understanding of how their department is operating, and how those operations could be improved to reimagine public safety entirely. More information can be found on our Data Analytics page where we explain our services in greater detail.

For more information or a free 15-minute consultation, please visit our contact page and we can schedule time to help you move your municipality forward.