What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning has been used by all levels of government to map out their future in financing, growth, and maintaining adequate levels of service to constituents. Specifically, local governments embraced this concept as it showed a willingness to create a document outlining their operations and guiding the future based on the current environment of the municipality.

The strategic planning process is an involved one, as it requires helping elected officials and administrators assign their objectives and capabilities with the anticipated demands of the municipality. The result is to create a long-term plan of action that will assure their goals are successfully met.

Planning strategy on glass window

The first step in strategic planning is including individuals at all levels in the organization. Administrators, public safety directors, planning directors, and elected officials are just a few of the many individuals who are critical to the success of a strategic plan. Larger organizations tend to have more departments and staff to provide input, along with major stakeholders who may offer their overall opinion on what to include in the final product.

One big question administrators and elected officials have to answer is the cost to create a strategic plan. Given the amount of time needed for consultant fees, data gathering exercises, research, and more, some may ask what the estimated return will be to justify the resources and workload required. In this scenario, it’s important to be able to communicate the value that will be provided by the strategic plan, using samples and projections that show how the strategic planning consultant is setting up your organization for success in the future.

How Polity Contributes as Strategic Planning Consultants

Strategy Board and Notes

Where Polity fits into the role as a strategic planning consultant is by being an extremely cost-efficient and beneficial organization for your municipality. Our planners bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your projects, and given our experience in local government, we are uniquely aware of the challenges your community faces when trying to wear several different hats throughout the workday. Efficiency falters, and the lack of expertise gradually begins to build up across operations. With strategic planning software and technology at our disposal, we can work efficiently and effectively to produce a final plan anyone in your organization can understand and support.

For more information or a free 15-minute consultation, please visit our contact page and we can schedule time to help you move your municipality forward.