Software Integration

Providing technical expertise to municipalities choosing to integrate with new solutions through a collaborative effort.

What Exactly is a Software Integration?

The public sector has seen an overwhelming number of software vendors arrive on the scene to provide various solutions to everyday tasks. From land developers turning to code enforcement software related to maintenance and zoning, to police departments using report management tools, these diverse systems often overwhelm smaller municipalities who do not have expertise integrating these applications into their operations.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an increasingly popular platform in today’s world as the burden to backup, upgrade and maintain applications is taken off the municipality and placed on the vendor. This allows for program utilization without the need to worry about a backup failing or an internal server crashing. Although SaaS vendors are not immune to hardware failures or intermittent downtime, they are mostly reliable in providing access to their software on a consistent basis.


What Does POLITY Offer to Municipalities?

POLITY is one of the top software integration consulting firms, and we can take you from the planning stages of your project to full software system integration and testing – all at a fraction of the cost your SaaS vendor would charge for the same service or may not provide at all. Our reasons are simple; we recognize that public sector organizations are overwhelmed with normal tasks. Even if you understand the advantages of integrated software applications, it normally takes time and effort to complete the preparation and planning required to adopt them. It’s a daunting task, whether or not your municipality has the staff required to handle the workload.

We also understand the need to ensure your data is correctly integrated into new software without problems. To avoid the adage of “garbage-in, garbage-out,” we employ a number of tried and tested routines to prepare and validate your data prior to import. We also verify your integrations with other SaaS vendors you utilize to ensure cross-functionality.

Additionally, POLITY can serve as a partner in selecting future SaaS vendors for integrations. With our private sector experience and a complete understanding of how local governments operate, we can assist you in making sure the software you subscribe to sufficiently meets your needs, both operationally and economically.


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