Your Government Data. Our Public Sector Expertise

Software integration and data migration services for local governments.  The know-how to get it done right.

We’ll examine your data and goals, then lay out the steps for a successful data migration–no strings attached.

The Help You Need in All Phases of Software Implementation

Our experienced team of consultants are here to help your municipality in all phases of software implementation:

  • Conducting research and helping your municipality make informed decisions
  • Perform full migrations of historical data into enterprise systems
  • Ensure your systems meet the needs of municipal staff and constituents

An Approach That Works - For a Fraction of the Cost

At POLITY, we fill the void between software vendors and your data. When a software vendor sells you a new system, they charge a hefty fee for data migration, backup, and implementation (which isn’t always disclosed). We’ve been through this before. Our unique expertise enables us to provide these same services to your municipality for much less than what your software vendor charges, with better results.

The Public Sector Expertise You Need

With decades of combined experience in public sector data migration and software implementation, we know how to handle your data like no one else. When you outsource your data migration to us, you’ll save a ton of the aggravation and headache of doing it yourself—and the cost your software vendor wants to charge. We know data, budgets, and KPIs better than anyone and can deliver a successful migration faster and at a lower cost.

Free Data Assessment

Request a free data assessment, and we’ll look at your data for you. Then, we’ll tell you what it will take for a successful migration, with all the steps laid out. No strings attached. Use our advice with us, on your own, or elsewhere. We’re just here to help.

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With a team of unique talents that combine data, project management, and government expertise, POLITY is the consulting firm your organization seeks for its complex tasks.  We enable our local government clients to concentrate on their key services and allow POLITY to assist in bringing technology that supports the needs of constituents and local government staff.

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What POLITY Does Best

We know your world. Government data and how the public sector operates is our domain. Telling stories based on your data is our expertise. Protecting your data with top-notch security is what we do. Government data is the heart of any public sector organization. POLITY brings the expertise for a successful migration to any new software project.

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