POLITY Services

At POLITY, we empower you. That’s our key service.

Your goal is to improve your municipality, so our goal is to help you to achieve that with our services, through partnership and expert guidance – always driven by data, personal experience and industry best practices.

The growing field of analysis of a large batch of reporting information is key to data modeling – from utilizing responsive visualizations to hiring data scientists to dig deep into trends for forecasting.

POLITY is one of the top data analytics consulting firms with experience in the public sector and a team of local government practitioners. Let us look at your data with a free data assessment.

A proper real-time data analytics strategy is more involved than making use of spreadsheets and formulas, it uses the story told in your municipality’s data to make the best possible decisions.

We can take you from the planning stages of your project to full software system integration and testing – all at a fraction of the cost your SaaS vendor would charge for the same service.

POLITY can take any government data in any form and transform the information into a story that is easily understandable.  Our systems are designed to work with any data source.

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