What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics refers to the growing field of analysis of a large swarth of reporting information – from utilizing responsive visualizations to hiring data scientists to dig deep into trends (assisted by machine language processing and data modeling) for forecasting.

Data Analytics

Up until now, the public sector has maintained a position of being followers, rather than leaders, when it comes to data technology. Data is the quintessential factor in helping administrators and elected officials plan for the future of their municipality for generations to come. Leaders need to be able to rely on data that is accurate, otherwise they’ll be making decisions without hard facts to help guide them towards their goals for their constituents.

As discussed on our Budget Assessment page, it is imperative to have the necessary data to render a logical, prudent decision during deliberations on moving your municipality forward with proper funding. A proper real-time data analytics strategy is more involved than making use of spreadsheets and formulas, it uses the story told in your municipality’s data to make the best possible decisions – allowing you to improve your community and avoid financial consequences.

How Polity Contributes as Data Analytics Consultants

Polity is one of the top data analytics consulting firms, with experience in the public sector and a team consisting of practitioners in local government. The ability to understand technology and data needed to answer questions lies in the comprehension of the specific challenges your organization is facing. From questions in finance regarding extraordinary spending to tracking inmate populations in your prison system, we have the necessary tools to help your administrators research and identify problem areas within your organization.

Hiring Professional Talent

With technology evolving on a constant basis, it is difficult to retain talented professionals who can maintain their level of expertise across changing industries. Polity can help fill that void, proving the importance of data analytics by helping you visualize and understand the story being told in your municipality’s data to plan for the future.

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