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Data Surveys

POLITY uses technology by implementing data surveys into its services.  As municipalities grow, best practice is to understand the needs of constituents.  POLITY allows the creation of custom surveys with intelligent logic that integrates with the overall user experience. Collecting data from surveys helps determine how municipalities properly plan for the future.  Basically, there is no limit to what POLITY offers municipalities when creating engagement surveys.  Using proprietary technology and allowing clients to import their own set of questions into the system, allows for a more robust interaction with constituents.  Online surveys are a fraction of the cost traditional companies charge for the same service.  POLITY helps your organization succeed with the use of data collection and the analytics for making decisions.


POLITY makes the process easy for municipal clients.  Create your questions in a document and upload to our system.  It’s that easy.  Importing the questions and seeing them on a screen allows clients to visualize their information.  Before the survey goes live to users, the team will work on enhancing the questions and flow.  Logic is built into the questions that makes it easier for a respondent to navigate.  The process includes allowing the client to import a pre-defined list of constituents.  POLITY has a process to confirm someone taking the survey resides within the municipality.


During the time a survey is active, POLITY communicates with clients on the current statistics, providing detailed information in case changes are needed. Upon completion of the survey, POLITY collects the data and performs a detailed analysis.  Without delay, the municipality receives a final report along with recommendations.

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